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Parcels For The Trenches a World War One experience

I am touring Wales, from 2014 with a workshop aimed at Key Stage 2 children. It is designed to provide a unique and memorable experience of the trenches and the effects on families at home. Please click on this leaflet for more information.

Flyer for CHristine's new tour, Parcels for the Trenches

Available for schools, libraries and museums.

Contact me for details

A Residency

An intensive story creation experience, in which participants can develop stories for the oral or written convention, by building on existing strengths and abilities at all levels. A residency is  a series of workshops in which the participants will be taken through the various stages including:

The creative process, starting with ideas and inspiration, researching and using resources (some source material is made available).

The development process is explained, the structure of stories is charted. I can provide methods of unblocking writers and show how to engage your reader/listener.

Refining is the all-important final stage in which the story is made ready for performance or publication.

Presentation and performance skills can be demonstrated. How to combat nerves when telling or reading your work. How to make approaches to publishers.

A Workshop

Christine plus stacks plus seaA one-off session intended to whet the appetite of new tellers and readers. A Workshop can cover some of the processes described above, or can be tailored to the group’s or school’s needs.


Christine's storytelling basket

basket of stories

I will often turn up with a basket of objects and artefacts frequently found in stories, to spark off memories, imagination and visualisation skills and inspire new ideas. Starting off by telling stories from my own repertoire I share my technique for telling and writing, encouraging people to paint pictures with words.

I seek to explore and build on each participant’s existing skills and strengths and develop confidence. Participants can learn basic techniques find a story, strip it back to fundamental plot, prepare it for telling, develop their storytelling skills. I can show how the traditional art of oral storytelling can inform contemporary creative writing.Looking at elements of story, source material and where to gain inspiration. Writing/creative workplans and useful booklists,  teachers notes and follow-up activites are made available.

I can also share my skills as an Arts Manager/Director to further develop the skills of artists and writers with workshops such as The Art of self promotion.


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